Re-enforcing Positivity
Re-enforcing Positivity

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Our mission is to educate people of the world to improve their surrounding environment by practicing self-improvement. In other words, "it starts with me". How many times have you overheard or been part of a conversation where the dialog was about how crappy the job was, or how the manager was mean and demanding or a customer just unloaded on you today for no reason. It's true that misery loves company, so it is spread very easily. This has a very detrimental effect to our surroundings and dampens the mood all around.
When the mood is bad and morale is low at work, employees often take that mood home with them, and spread that misery there too.
The Negativity Snowball Effect
So what began as a bad meeting with your boss had spread from you to your co-workers, and from you to your spouse and children.
But it could have been avoided to begin with, or at least capped before it spread. If you weren't able to reason with your boss to prevent the meeting from going badly, then when you left his office, you could return to your office and practice some relaxation techniques - deep breathing, meditating, listening to some calming music. You can go on an anoymous blog and type out your frustrations anonymously. Just keep to yourself until you've dispersed the negative energy.
Redirect Negative Energy With Positive Interactions
When you are calm, visit the breakroom and talk to someone about something pleasant, your latest trip to the spa (assuming it was nice) or the football game (if your team won). Just keep the conversation on a positive tone. Now you've released your negative energy but not upon other people. No one else was brought down by your negative experience.
When you get home, just seek out a hug from your spouse or children. Talk positively about your day. Find something that you will do differently to remedy the problem you are having with your boss. Not every boss or troubling situation will have an easily found resolution, but at least you can do your best to try to remedy the problem. You'll feel better about yourself for trying, and often so will the person you are having conflict with.
It Starts With ME!
It's up to each of us to respond to negative energy with positive energy. It's easy to respond negatively, in fact it's natural for you to respond defensively, but is it the most constructive way to handle a situation?
Is it the right thing to do to forward your boss' negativity on to others, including your family? Of course not. Are you going to leave it up to your boss to address his negativity on his own? No, all you can do is deal with your own response to his negativity.
Stop the flow of negativity with yourself. Yell it out the window, combat it with positivity, or release it anonymously through writing. Deal with it in the manner that works best for you - just don't forward it on, especially toward your children.
The Goal of Positivity
Make it a goal to lead the charge to a positive workplace, or a nurturing positive home life. You will face challenges. Misery won't give up easily. If you are thought of as the positive person at work, you'll find that the misery-sharers may come seek you out to ask for your advise on how to deal with their misery. As the positive person, your co-workers (and even your boss) will come to respect your attitude. With respect comes authority. You may find you are now being looked to for promotions, management positions or meeting chair responsibilities.
At home, if your spouse is a Negative Nancy or Grouchy George, then work on them slowly with positivity. Breaking negativity at home is a tough job, because home is where individuals can be comfortable, and some people are very comfortable in their negativity. Like we mentioned before, misery is easy to maintain. Your children are going to be the beneficiary of your positive attitude at home. No one likes to see his/her child down all the time, so be an optimist at home even in the face of pessimism.
It may take some time, but it will be worth it to have a positive, encouraging environment at home that will eventually spread to your grandchildren.
The Positivity Snowball Effect
We mentioned before that there is a snowball effect of negativity, which grows as it easily rolls downhill gathering snow and speed. The Positivity Snowball effect isn't quite the same. You have to push the positivity snowball uphill yourself, but it will gather snow and grow as you reach the pinnacle. But when you arrive at your destination, you are at the top of a mountain, not stuck in a valley.

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